Why Us?

  • My proven experience with the SAT, NJASK,
    and other admission tests as well as my
    readily available recommendations from
    students, parents, and educators guarantee
    success to my students.

  • SKOOLOO’s online virtual classroom is one
    of the best available in today’s online
    learning market.

  • SKOOLOO’s audio & video tools surpass
    most available online learning applications.

  • We guarantee that we will work with each
    student individually after class hours to
    address any needs he or she may have at no
    extra cost.

  • We guarantee to fully refund all payments if
    students are not completely satisfied after
    the first  class.

  • The way I go about helping students reach
    their full potential is something I take pride in.
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I read every possible book or online resource about
the subject or test I teach. I take the test myself
several times, devise a method for beating the test
and its tricks, and then I test my method on then
voila it's ready for teaching. Not only do I do this
long process (could take months) but I also have a
wonderful advisory board. The people on my
advisory board are the cream of the crop, experts
at what they do. They are university professors and
teachers with many years of experience. They help
me come up with the perfect method. You see it's
not only money that I invest (as the big test prep
companies blatantly brag about themselves) but
time and a desire to do the best as well.

I've been helping students and teachers reach their
goals for quite some time, and one thing I've
learned is that things can always be improved.
That's why I do not settle for an automated online
course for my students or for the traditional "say
the same thing over and over again" class. I insist
that all my classes be live with direct interaction
between me and my students. I can see and hear
them and they can see and hear me as well. We
don't just text each other like other "online tutors"
do. I make sure that I keep up to date with
everything new in the fields of test prep, education,
and technology.

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