Why Online Classes?
Recent studies have shown that live online classes
can be 500% more effective than textbook or online
(text only) studying.

Also, many experts agree that online learning is
50% more effective than traditional classroom
learning. The fact that new online classes are found
to be more effective than traditional methods is
mainly due to the following reasons:

1.Students are more comfortable,
having         the benefits of group
interaction and             private learning at
the same time.

2.Students are accustomed to using
the           computer frequently, and thus
learning         online feels natural to them.

3.Online classes provide rich
multimedia         content that is much
easier to use online      than in a traditional

4.Class schedules are much more
flexible        than they are in traditional
classroom            settings.

5.The need for preparation and
commuting      is virtually nonexistent.

6.The option to record and revise any
class     is available.

7.Online classes tend to cost less, for
the        student, than traditional classes.
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