Kareem Gouda:

Is an American Board Certified Teacher(ABCTE).

Has taught well over 2000 students from around the

Has over 14 years experience of face to face &
online teaching.

Is a member of the College Board Advocacy &
Education Policy Program.

Is a former SAT Associate Supervisor for ETS.

Is a member of The Association of American
Custom Online Test Prep Courses
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Thank you. You have
been a great teacher !!

Ramez P.
2130 SAT 1
You really helped me in
every way and you were
always supportive and I
really did benefit from
your teaching. Thank

Shady A.
770 SAT 2 Physics
After having spent ages
trying to go above 1500,
Mr. Gouda came along
and taught me all these
simple techniques and
tricks that caused my
results to shoot up to
the decent results I was
getting in practice tests
and my final test. It was
a pleasure to be taught
by Mr Gouda.

Joseph H.
1850 SAT 1
I appreciate everything
you did! You really
helped me a lot. You're
an excellent teacher.
Thank you very much.

Leeza C.
Bergen Academies
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Because one size does not fit all, our custom courses
are tailored for each student individually.
Our courses include SAT, middle and high school
Math, state assessment tests like the NJASK and
CST, and private school admission tests like the ISEE
and SSAT.
Even though I have not
met Mr. Kareem face to
face, I believe that he is
not only great at
teaching, but is also an
awesome and friendly
person with a good
sense of humor. Mr.
Kareem has allowed me
to achieve my desired
grades in both SAT I
and SAT II in only two

Ahmed A.
1990 SAT 1
Star Teacher
New Jersey
I applied to twelve
colleges and, so far,
have been accepted to
most of them. I am
aware that without Mr.
Gouda's preparation, I
would not have made it
this far

Lama A.
I went from a 1600 on
my practice tests to a
2020 on the actual test.
goes beyond the
requirements set for a

A. Soliman
2020 SAT 1
I, along with my fellow
classmates, learned so
much from not only his
helpful hints but also
from his kindness and
I benefited tremendously
during my classes with
Mr. Kareem Gouda, and I
am indebted to him for
helping me achieve a
great SAT score. He is
definitely a star teacher
in my eyes.

Maheen A.
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I've been struggling
through writing sections
for the past 2 years but
thanks to Mr. Kareem's
lessons and his deep
have managed to get a
very decent score :) , I
believe Mr. Kareem is
one of the best teachers
ever .

Ahmed O.
2180 SAT 1
Throughout my course
not only an excellent
teacher but also a great
supporter and brother. I
wish you more and
more success and a
brilliant future.
M. Maher
2230 SAT 1
201 793 7345
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