Sample BCA Course Schedule
Bergen Academies Admission Test Prep Course SAMPLE SCHEDULE

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I am pleased to announce that we finally have a schedule for this year’s Fall
Bergen Academies Admission Test
Course. This year’s course has undergone major changes and is my most
comprehensive course yet. I'm excited
that this year’s course will contain more material and much more practice than
ever before.
Our course for this year's Bergen Academies admission test will be a hybrid
course. This means that part of the
course will be delivered live online as usual and another part will include
explanation videos as well as practice
problems and essays.

The course will include 16 classes that will cover both the Math and Writing
portions of the test. This year’s course
will cover:

●        An overview of the admissions process.
●        All the tested Math concepts.
●        Math shortcuts and tricks.
●        Basics of Essay Writing.
●        Most practice problems and tests released by the Bergen Academies in
the past 8 years.
●        Essays from BCA tests from previous years.
●        The new Math tests to be released next year in my newest book for the    
BCA admission test.
●        The new Essays to be released next year in my newest book for the BCA
admission test.

*Note: There is a minimum number of students required to start any new
course. We have never had a shortage of
students to start a class. However, should there be a shortage of students to
begin a class, you will be notified
promptly and given a full refund immediately.


Class 1: Saturday 11/5/2016 from 6 to 8 PM LIVE CLASS 1 (Introduction +
Diagnostic Test + Math Tricks)

Class 2: Sunday 11/6/2016 (Math Instruction Video Class 1 of 3)

Class 3: Saturday 11/12/2016 (Math Instruction Video Class 2 of 3)

Class 4: Sunday 11/13/2016 (Math Instruction Video Class 3 of 3)

Class 5: Saturday 11/19/2016 from 6 to 8 PM LIVE CLASS 2 (Math Tricks +
Math Practice)

Class 6: Sunday 11/20/2016 (Math Practice Videos)

Class 7: Saturday 11/26/2016 from 6 to 8 PM LIVE CLASS 3 (Essay Writing

Class 8: Sunday 11/27/2016 (Essay Practice Videos)

Class 9: Saturday 12/3/2016 (Math Practice Videos + Essay Practice Videos)

Class 10: Sunday 12/4/2016 from 6 to 8 PM LIVE CLASS 4 (Math Practice +
Essay Practice)

Class 11: Saturday 12/10/2016 (Math Practice + Essay Practice)

Class 12: Sunday 12/11/2016 (Math Practice + Essay Practice)

Class 13: Saturday 12/17/2016 from 6 to 8 PM LIVE CLASS 5 (Math Trial Test
+ Marking and Review of Trial Test)

Class 14: Sunday 12/18/2016 (Math Practice + Essay Practice)

Class 15: Friday 12/30/2016 (Math Practice + Essay Practice)

Class 16: Thursday 1/5/2017 from 6 to 8 PM LIVE CLASS 6 (General Revision)

* Schedule subject to minor changes if necessary.

Each of the 16 classes whether live or not will include at least one assignment.
Most questions in the assignments
are answered and explained in the live class or the video recordings. Also,
students are welcome to send any
questions they have by email if any of those questions are not explained in
either the live class or video class.
Students will have access to all material and the recordings of all live classes
up till test day.

Prices & Fees:

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below for some general information about my classes:

A.        Accessing The Virtual Classroom:  
We will be using a website called Wiziq for our virtual classroom. This is where
our class will take place and where students will see the whiteboard and the
documents being displayed. The students and I will be able to see and hear
each other on Wiziq as well. Kindly sign up and create a free account at https:
// aspx . Please add me to your contacts on Wiziq.  

B.        Technical Requirements:
●        You will need:  
1.        A good internet connection.   
2.        A computer with an internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox,
Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).      Firefox is recommended.   
3.        A webcam and microphone.   
4.        Headphones.  

C.        Missed Classes:

●        Any class you must miss can be recorded for you to watch later.
However, as not all classes may be recorded, please let us know in advance
that you will miss a class so we can be sure to record it for you. No refunds will
be given for missed classes.  

D.        Change in Class Schedule or Cancellation:  

●        In the rare event that I must move a live class, you will have the option to
attend the class at the new date and time or to watch a recording of the class.
If the new date and time is inconvenient for you and you choose to watch the
recording instead of attending that class, you will be refunded the value of this
class’ fee. If you choose to attend the class at the newly set date and time, you
will NOT be refunded.

●        In the unlikely event that I must cancel a live class (and not offer an
alternative), you will be refunded for that class.  

Thank you,

Gouda BCA Bergen Academies Admission Test Course
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